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How Bill Hart Crafts Content, Stays Relevant & Plays the Long Game

Mortgage and real estate are becoming more complex by the day. What do we need to do make sure our businesses stay solid through a shifting landscape? How do we keep our eyes on the long game when we’re busy grinding everyday? How can we leverage social media and improve our personal branding? On this episode, Bill Hart joins me to talk about developing a relevant brand and how we can play the long game.

Be interested and become interesting. -Bill Hart

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Three Things We Learned From Todd Duncan

Social media is a key to staying relevant

Many people who aren’t into social media believe they don’t have time for it. The truth is, we’re just not relevant without social media. It’s important to create content that allows people to see us, connect with us, and get a feel for what we’re about.


Document thoughts that come up in coaching conversations

In conversations with coaching clients, valuable thoughts are going to come up. Make note of the observations we make in our coaching sessions. They are relevant to other people, and we can create content from it. When we see patterns, those can become our next blog posts.  


Right now, the race in real estate is for market share

The greatest opportunity in our business right now is taking more and more of the market share. Right now, 3% of the Realtors are doing 97% of the volume, so the people struggling from deal to deal won’t be able to cut it.  


It can be hard to keep our eyes on the long game, so we have to get intentional about it. We must regularly set some time aside to get quiet and contemplative about what’s important to us, and what we want our lives to look like down the road. Then we can start making choices that get us where we want to go. If we become clear on what we want to do and create a plan, we can reverse engineer our lives to reach our goals.


Guest Bio

Bill Hart is a mortgage coach, speaker and author. He has spent the past 27 years in the real estate and mortgage industries. He is an executive coach with Building Champions since 2003. He also conducts a monthly audio interview series – TalkJet – with top producing REALTORS across the U.S., Canada and Australia. Bill is also the author of White Collar Warrior. To learn more and connect go to http://www.coachbillhart.com/.

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