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We’re a 29 year young boutique mortgage firm where EVERYONE MATTERS.  Our goal is not to become the largest company, but the one with the greatest impact. To us, making a daily difference in the lives of our teammates, referral partners and our customers is what makes the work that we do so worthwhile and meaningful.

We know that to do our best for our customers and referral partners, we need to be our best as a team and as individuals. It’s our desire that every individual feels valued, experiences wellbeing, and that they absolutely love coming to work each day inspired to improve in every area of their life.

A well-balanced life is fulfilling. Working in your area of strength, awesome team support and having friends on the job make every day rewarding and fun.  Great employee benefits and having tremendous work flexibility means that you don’t have to sacrifice your family or your health in order to succeed. Lastly we believe true joy comes from giving to the less fortunate, making our communities a better place to live and helping find a cure for cancer and other disease.

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Join us

We’ve raised the bar and we’re excited for you to see how we do it.  We want to show you how our personal marketing coordinator, customer advocate and leadership can help you generate 4-5 more closed loans per month.We want to tell you about our Industry leading compensation program and show you how we systematically exceed the expectations of our customers.

If you’d like to hear more, please send us an email or call us to arrange for a confidential interview of each other.

You matter and we’d love to hear from you.

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Dan Trinidad is the founder of Partners Mortgage, where Everyone Matters. Take 15-minute to chat with Dan and see if Partners Mortgage is the right place for you.


Chat with Dan.

Chat with Dan.