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Tiffani VonAlvensleben

Mortgage Planner | MLO# 1765154

Always being an entrepreneur Tiffani fell in love with Real Estate and Design and joined the industry in 2000. Starting an investment business with her main focus being buying distressed properties, doing renovation and reselling.

Her business quickly grew to managing multiple investors at over $50 million vested. Purchasing over 400 homes alone in 2007. With an ever changing real estate market and her love of change she shifted from sales to lending in 2018.






In an effort to fully expand her expertise in the field of real estate making her transition into lending and loans seemed to be the perfect fit.

Tiffani treats each client with the upmost professionalism and customer service, but ultimately prides herself in the continual friendship and relationships she is able to make and keep. She takes the most pride in her family and the incredible business relationships she has created throughout her career.

(916) 514-1040    (916) 512-3048