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Jill McCain

Mortgage Planner | MLO# 667195

I am here to be your lender for life!

Whether purchasing a home or refinancing your current home, you can always hire any lender you would like. When you hire me, I WORK FOR YOU, and you get someone who truly cares for you and your family, and puts your best interest at the front lines of the loan process.

I am available 24/7. You can reach me by phone, text, or email any day, any time, including after hours, weekends, and holidays.


I am here to help educate and guide you through the entire loan process.

I am originally from Mississippi, and yes, I still have my accent; I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon “y’all”.

I have lived in California for 7 years now. I would be honored to be your lender for life!

(916) 960-0384    (916) 540-0564    (916) 330-3325