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Ambition, Happiness & Goal Setting

Many people set goals in the beginning of the year, but motivation starts to dwindle as the months progress. How can we beat that slump and stay committed? What tactics can hold us accountable to ourselves? On this episode, I discuss the steps we have to take to stay motivated and how to make sure that translates to action.


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3 Takeaways

  • Be present in your current setting. Whether you’re with family or business, dedicate your time fully to that moment.
  • Congratulate yourself on small achievements.
  • When you set your goals set small, realistic steps that you can take towards achieving them.


Goal-setting is a crucial part of the quest for success. However, don’t be discouraged by failure to reach a goal. Learn from it, and be tactical about the next steps. As long as you’re pushing forward and dedicating yourself to a ‘long game’, you’re on the right track.

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