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You Matter.

In 1988, Dan Trinidad founded Partners in San Jose, California. His philosophy was and has remained that everyone matters. Customers matter, referral partners matter, and the community matters. As in any partnership, everyone is important, everyone contributes, everyone benefits, and everyone matters.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to give our customers a “Wow” experience from A to Z. We are one team, working together for this single purpose.

We promise.

We promise our customers competitive solutions that fit their needs, process transparency and speed. We promise an experience that exemplifies customer care. One that shows you matter.

We promise our referral partners to consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience, constant communication, and an array of financing solutions that benefit their clients long-term.


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Our Values.


We keep our promises and stand firm on our commitments to our customers, referral partners, and team.


We are focused on solving problems and finding solutions that best suit your needs.


We build and strengthen relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


We work hard and take pride in giving our best. No casual efforts, no half measures.


We believe your wellbeing matters. Financial, professional, emotional, and physical.

Changing lives.

Partners Mortgage has changed the lives of thousands of homeowners by providing a world class experience and the best Mortgage Planners in the business. Our StarCare program has revolutionized the loan experience providing both the borrowers and agents the predictability they need to make their dreams come true.